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Awaited Recipe of Easy Strawberry Lemonade

I want to make it clear from the start that I don’t think we, this site or even the Internet necessarily need a new Lemonade recipe. I covered with picnic pink Lemonade (with any berry you like), watermelon, cucumber, maple syrup and Bourbon, and even lime and mint. But the thing I experienced when my children left me once again with a basket of overpriced strawberries on their last legs — fruits that they wanted to buy for me, but then secretly lost interest in food when they were presented to them for breakfast—and I decided to turn the strawberries into an Ade strawberry, so to speak, instead, is that every lemonade recipe I have ever published has steps that I didn’t feel like.

Like lemon juice, which consists of filtering the seeds and pulp. Preparation of simple syrup, which must be heated in a saucepan and cooled for further use. And each fresh fruit or vegetable added must also be mixed and pushed through a sieve, which brings us to three separate processes. Are they tough? No. But they are not lazy and that is — lazy in a good way. Lazy as hardly a lazy recipe.

Everything goes into the blender. Everything is flashed and tense at the same time. And I have never tried a more delicious and more nuanced strawberry lemonade in my entire life. It is vibrant and intensely aromatic and tastes like cotton candy from a carnival, and the strawberry summer cake that is cooling in the back of our station wagon is blowing in the car, and I hope you will immediately go to your kitchen and see for yourself.

Cut off the skin, including the outer white mark, from your lemons and cut the lemons into pieces. Don’t worry about the seeds. Stems your strawberries. Add the lemon pieces, strawberries, sugar and the first two cups of water to the blender and puree coarsely. Pour through a sieve to remove all the seeds. The Lemonade will be very strong at this point and you can add as much of the remaining Cup of water as you like or anything to taste. Fill the glasses with ice and pour Lemonade and garnish with additional berry and/or lemon slices. This Lemonade is also beautifully refined with a touch of Seltzer if you like sparkling.

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