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Salad of Summer Peas with an Unusual Dressing

A little catch-up date: two days ago, our children boarded a Bus to Sleepaway Camp, while dozens of parents waved like crazy (I would like to think deliciously, but also value self-awareness) as he drove away. I learned a few years ago, when my son went to Camp for the first time, that I am no longer docked — who am I when no one asks for things and interrupts my thoughts all day?! – without the presence of my adorable but exhausting offspring. Last summer I ran out of cooking steam while waiting for my daughter to ask for something other than pasta for dinner. This summer, despite the fact that she is a baby who has just been born (don’t tell me anything Else), My daughter also wanted to go to Camp, mainly because she wants to be where her brother is and I’m not crying, you are. Fortunately, the photos that I update throughout the day on the Camp app—instead of doing something more productive or even hedonistic with my time – show that you are having fun and how could you not be when the first night ended with whipped cream pies on your faces

It’s still a cooking blog, I promise. But if the structure of my life as a cook over the past 13.75 years has been aligned with the needs of people who need to be fed several times a day, what is left? The reality is that when my children are gone for a night or three, we go out. We live in New York; why on earth would we wash the dishes if we could get Queso Fundito and the Caeser-y-Tomatillo salad at Yellow Rose, as we did on Sunday night, or meet friends at Win Son, as we will do after this week, or sweep the sourdough into the puddle of garlic and chili butter left by the shrimp at the end of the week, or

But last Friday we had dinner at a restaurant in Williamsburg and my husband and I swallowed the mixed pea salad and I had an idea of what we could eat on days when we didn’t go out for our general constitution, or at least for the livers: to make the food that they would never let me or for which I and with that, we finally have a new recipe.

To this salad: the markets are crowded, right now with all kinds of snaps of summer peas and favas and peas and snow peas of all colors and for the small price of having the skeptical pea in your life, you can make a delicious salad with it, each or a mixture of them. You can even make a delicious Salad dressing with a avoided ingredient that everyone will run away from (unless you try it, which you won’t). You can eat it at 8:45 am because there are no more schedules. This salad itself is very flexible; I hope you will consider it as a model for a summer salad, regardless of the type of pod vegetables you have on hand. Feel free to use different herbs. Use Burrata or a fresh Ricotta ball or crumbled Feta instead of the Ricotta salad. Use avocado instead to keep it dairy-free. Use another nut or seed. Add vegetables if you prefer salads with leaves. But I insist that you try the vinaigrette. It will surprise you and I can see that it is a staple for roasted vegetables this winter.

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